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Iguodala To the Knicks?

Ken Berger has an interesting blurb on his blog over at CBS Sports today. The logic - and this is coming from "Rival Execs" ergo neither from the Knicks nor the Sixers - is that if Carmelo Anthony is traded somewhere other than New York, and signs an extension, the Knicks would go after Andre Iguodala closer to the trade deadline.

Here's the blurb, in full:

Speaking of Madison Square Garden, rival execs agree that New York would be a logical landing spot for Andre Iguodala, and they believe the Sixers will be more than open to discussing trades for the dynamic but high-priced swingman as the Feb. 24 deadline approaches. The Knicks, one of the few teams in a position to absorb salary in the uncertain labor environment, also would be looking for an attractive piece to pair with Stoudemire in the event the Nuggets follow through with an Anthony trade prior to the deadline. Team president Donnie Walsh would have to decide if, short of Anthony, Iguodala is the best option that will be available to him between now and 2011 free agency -- if and when that happens. And also, if Iguodala is worth giving up the cap flexibility he's toiled three years to create. Pricetag notwithstanding -- the 26-year-old is due $56.5 million over the next four years -- Iguodala would be an excellent fit for Mike D'Antoni's high-octane offense and would instantly become the best defender on the roster by a mile. 

It would make sense for the Knicks, and we've talked about packages that could be palatable for the Sixers, if they absolutely have to move Iguodala (which they don't). Here's one:

  • Sixers send: Andre Iguodala, Andres Nocioni
  • Sixers get: Danilo Gallinari, Toney Douglass, Eddy Curry's rotting corpse, and the next first-round pick the Knicks would be allowed to part with

The Sixers would get a starter in Gallinari, and guard I really like to come off the bench (and possibly make moving Lou a little easier for more cap flexibility). Gallinari is only 22, and Douglass is 24. The core of the remaining team would be 20, 22, 22, 22, 22, 23, 23, 23, 24 and 24 years-old. Ten players under 25, and 4 starters. The Sixers would also save $17.5M over the next two seasons ($3.5M this year [prorated] and $13.9M next season).

On the record, I don't want them to make this deal. But there are much, much worse made-up deals floating around. This one wouldn't make me want to turn in my fan card.

We've got an extremely busy day planned here. Statman has an awesome post with a fresh look at individual opponent production, we've got a preview coming up this afternoon. Then the game thread for the first (and only) national game of the year against the Celtics tonight. Then after the game, Derek Bodner and I will be hosting another episode of SixersBeat. Check back early and often.