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One Year Ago

Exactly one year ago, the Sixers were preparing to play the Lakers on the road. They were firmly in the race for the #4 seed in the East, playing very good basketball. Andre Iguodala's game-winning three that night was definitely the highlight of the regular season for me. How can everything go so wrong in only 365 days?

I didn't post that video to taunt or torture you guys. I simply thought we could all use a reminder that watching basketball can be a rewarding experience.

That win put the Sixers three games over .500, they would reach their high-water mark on April 4th with a win over the Pistons (40-35), before limping into the playoffs and struggling mightily after Thad Young's ankle injury.

This season, I'm trying to figure out how they're going to lose to the worst team in the history of the league. Bah, Happy St. Patrick's day.
by Brian on Mar 17 2010
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