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Set Your Priority

We've got nothing but time on our hands, so let's take a few beats today to peer into our collective crystal ball. TK76 has a question worth considerable thought and discussion. Give it a close read and then leave your answer in the comments.

Here's the question:

Look at the Sixers current roster (you can click "Roster" in the menu at the very top of this page if you need a refresher). Now, in order of priority, which of those players do you want to still be on this team in three years? That's the summer Elton Brand's deal expires. Lou Williams has a player option for the previous season, so assume he doesn't opt out, and this is the summer he hits free agency as well.

To be clear, this is how you should answer: Player number one is the guy you absolutely want to still be on this team. If you had to choose one, he's your guy. If you got to choose two, the second guy would be number two and so on down the line. Stop your list when you get to the first guy you absolutely don't want on the team at all. Feel free to explain why next to each player.
by tk76 on Feb 17 2011
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