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Who Do You Like?


Tom Moore reported the other day the Sixers are planning to hold a try out, of sorts, for the final roster spot (or maybe two) during training camp. After the jump we'll take a look at the guys who may be in the running and talk about who we'd like to see take Kareem Rush's minutes in 2009-2010.

Let's run with the list Tom provided in his post: Rodney Carney, Stephen Graham, Joey Graham and Linton Johnson. Here's a quick glimpse at some relevant stats:


Of the group, only Joey Graham has ever logged more than 1,500 minutes in a season. Basically, they've all been buried on the bench for most of their careers, Linton Johnson more than the others. Rodney Carney is looking for more than the minimum, and while I'm sure all of these players would like more than a minimum deal, they may not have the option.

Personally, I'll go with the guy I know. Carney is the best three-point shooter of the bunch, the best athlete of the bunch and he's also the youngest. He can fill in at the two and the three, if need be.

So, of the four, who do you guys like?
by Brian on Aug 12 2009
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