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Who Is Primoz?

Tom Moore has the scoop, again, Primoz Brezec and the Sixers have agreed to a deal in principle for the upcoming season. Most likely, the deal will be for the veteran's minimum. The 7'2" center will have to pass a physical before it becomes official.

Let's see if we can dig up some positive stats for Primoz. Hmmn, rebounding (nope), shot blocking (yikes), assists (ouch), steals (uh, uh), shooting percentage (negatory), drawing fouls (nein) ... wait a second. Found a couple of things. Primoz is not afraid to use his fouls. In four of his six seasons in the NBA he has averaged more than 6 fouls per 36 minutes. Awesome.

Here's another, he's only topped a 15% turnover rate twice in his career (Dalembert was 19.3% last season).

And finally, let's get to the ostensible reason they signed him, his impeccable touch from the outside:

  • 2004-2005 - 54% of his shots were jumpers, and his eFG on those shots was 40%.
  • 2005-2006 - 65% of his shots were jumpers (which is just awesome for your center), and his eFG was a respectable 44.2% on those shots.
  • 2006-2007 - 63% of his shots were jumpers, with a 40.2% eFg on those shots

For a little perspective, if you thought Dalembert took too many jumpers last season, only 40% of his attempts were jumpers. His eFG on those shots was 38.5%. The year before, 42% were jumpers with a 35.4% eFG.

For even more perspective, Primoz's eFG on jumpers in those three seasons was higher than Lou Williams' (39.8%) and Andre Iguodala's (38.8%) last season. That being said, if Primoz isn't a DNPCD in a minimum of 50 games this season, something is definitely screwy with Eddie Jordan's rotations. This guy makes Andrea Bargnani look tough. His rebounding makes Thad look like Moses Malone and don't even get me started on his defense.

He's a redundant warm body, simple as that.
by Brian on Aug 5 2009
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