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Clutch Loss

Philadelphia, where losing streaks go to die. This was a gloriously pitiful defeat. One for the ages, really. Hope is still alive for better lottery odds, Eddie Jordan is a game closer to early retirement, all the Dalembert haters out there got an up close look at what this team would look like with Jason Smith and Marreese Speights up front. A 21-point loss to Detroit at home. Just what the doctor ordered.

Here's your rotation chart, my favorite lineup came with 7:23 to go in the fourth quarter:

I really don't have anything more to say about this one. Jodie Meeks is your player of the game, his effort tonight was reminiscent of a decent Willie Green game, which just fills me with joy.

The good news: We get to do it all over again later tonight against the Heat.
by Brian on Apr 7 2010
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