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J. and T. Power Sixers In Absence of I.

Andre Iguodala missed his second consecutive game but his replacements more than picked up the slack against a defensively disinterested Phoenix Suns squad. About halfway through the game, I realized Vince Carter will be a perfect fit for the Suns. He's only 50% more disinterested than the entire franchise. This game may just have been Evan Turner's coming out party, and it was definitely fun to watch.


g324f122910.gif Thoughts

  • OK, I've got a stat that's going to surprise you. When you look at the final score of 123-110, against the Phoenix Suns, I'm sure the first thing you're going to think is that the Sixers played the Suns game and beat them at it. Well, you're partially right. The Sixers did play very little defense, which is a Suns trademark. But I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear that this game was actually played at the Sixers' pace, almost exactly. Phoenix wasn't able to speed the Sixers up at all, which I find amazing.
  • Jrue Holiday is your player of the game, and before you jump all over me, there's a reason for it beyond tonight's game. Jrue easily could've gotten the honor in each of the past two games, tonight he gets it because he's taken on the role of lead scorer and go-to-guy three straight times, and done an excellent job of not only orchestrating the offense, but being the guy who gets the big hoops when they're needed. Over the past three, the 20-year-old has scored 69 points on 63.6% shooting from the floor and handed out 21 assists (though he did have 10 turnovers). Huge, huge string of games for the kid.
  • If not for Holiday's recent body of work, Evan Turner surely would've earned the POTG for his explosive and, more importantly, confident offensive game tonight. 9/12 from the floor, 1/1 from three (and the 1 was a dagger), 4/4 from the line. By my count, he scored his 23 points on only 14 possessions. Outstanding.
  • If not for Holiday's recent body of work and Turner's breakout game, Andres Nocioni's shocking 22 and 12 (rebs) would easily have won player of the game. Nocioni's defensive ineptitude almost wasn't noticeable he was so efficient on offense. Almost.
  • If not for Holiday's recent body of work, Turner's breakout or Nocioni's impersonation of an efficient NBA player, Spencer Hawes may just have gotten consideration for his efficient double-double.
  • Basically, this was a really solid game across the board. Jodie Meeks was probably the only Sixer who didn't play a key role in the win. Meeks was 0/3 from the floor and basically saw most of his minutes given to either Lou or Turner, who deserved them with effective play.

Player of The Game: Jrue Holiday
Team Record: 13-19
Up Next: @ LAL, on New Year's Eve.
Game Capsule

3-3 on the trip, two chances to come home with a .500 record, which would be unbelievable. You have to know Collins is going to be beating that message into their heads over the next couple of days.

OK, cue the "we have to get rid of Iguodala to make room for Turner" comments. I'm ready.