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damnyoukorver010308.jpgThe Utah Jazz and Jerry Sloan are going to be very happy they traded for Kyle Korver. Tonight's game is a perfect example of what they can expect from him. Instant offense off the bench, automatic from the free throw line, deadly from downtown and an immense liability on defense. Korver was every bit of those four things tonight, and it was his free throw shooting down the stretch that decided the game.

The Sixers played a spirited game in Utah, and nearly walked away with a huge upset, but fell 110-107. Korver's line for the Jazz was probably what will become the norm for him out there, 11 minutes, 14 points. What the box score won't tell you is that Jerry Sloan had to keep Korver out of there for most of the second half because Andre Iguodala was pretty much abusing him on the other end of the floor. Sloan went back to Korver with about 3 minutes to go, and for some reason he kept getting the ball when the Sixers needed to foul. He hit 5 out of 6 down the stretch to seal it.

The Sixers' starters dug a huge hole early on, which has become a trademark of the Iguodala, Miller, Dalembert, Evans and Carney lineup. By the time the subs got off the bench, Utah was up by double digits. The bench immediately brought them back to within 4 and the game remained close throughout. The lead ballooned to double digits a couple of times in the fourth, but the Sixers cut it to two with a little over a minute left to play. They just couldn't get over the hump.

Iguodala, Miller, Lou Williams and Dalembert combined for 92 of the team's 107 points, so sort of a balanced attack, but top-heavy. Iguodala really asserted himself, firing up 25 shots, which has to be close to a career high for him. Sam Dalembert had one of the strangest double-doubles you'll ever see. His 20 points was straightforward, but of his 10 boards, 9 came on the offensive glass. Carney's damage was limited to 6 minutes, Reggie Evans logged 34. Giricek was mostly invisible for his 13 minutes of action, but did hit a three near the end of the third which helped stop a Utah run.

Now that Korver's gone, it's going to be up to Iguodala to put up nights like this more consistently. He was hitting his mid-range jumper with regularity and driving to the hole, but when he wasn't getting it done in the second half, the offense was very, very sloppy. Korver used to carry the load for stretches in the fourth, it remains to be seen if Lou Williams can be that guy. Williams did produce in the fourth tonight, but his shot selections seems to be getting worse and worse over the past couple of weeks and his shooting percentage is taking a nose dive.

The Sixers dropped to .500 on their trip with tonight's loss. Up next are the Lakers in lovely downtown L.A. on Friday night.

Player of The Game: Andre Iguodala
Team Record: 14-18
by Brian on Jan 2 2008
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