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Pressing Questions

Something I've realized for a long time around here is that you guys make this whole blogging endeavor 1,000 times more enjoyable in the comments. With that in mind, I thought it would be a great weekly feature to have a reader-guided post. Details and instructions after the jump.
This is extremely simple. What's on your mind? Use the comment section below to ask a question, voice a concern, share your plans or ideas. Whatever. As the night and day go on, I'll weigh in down there, and also compile a list of the questions/topics in the post up here.

Possible ice breakers

  • Stefanski twisting in the wind
  • The coaching search
  • A particular coach
  • The playoffs
  • Any player
Just keep it basketball related.

The time is yours, Sixers fans.

Topics (link will take you to the discussion):

by Brian on Apr 29 2010
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