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I've spent most of the night flipping back and forth between the Yanks and Eagles games, but here's a quick run-down of what happened in baseball:

  • Yankees win, 8-5
  • Sox lose to Toronto, 6-1
  • Indians beat the Tigers, 6-5 in extras.
The Yankee lead in the Wild Card is now 3.5 games (4 in the loss column, magic number is 9). They trail the Sox by 3.5, 3 in the loss column).

There were a couple of key situations in tonight's Yankee game. First, Phil Hughes got touched up early again, and settled, again. The two runs he allowed in the first inning were the only two he would allow on the night. He can thank Edwar Ramirez for that. Edwar came in with the bases loaded, 2 out, and a 1-0 count on Melvin Mora. The kid struck him out, to strand the tying runs on base. The following inning, The Viz bailed Edwar out of an identical situation. Those two outs saved this game for the Bombers.

Player of The Game: Phil Hughes. The kid picked up his first win at the stadium tonight, he's my choice.

I'm wondering when we're going to hear something from our resident fair-weather Sox blogger.
by Brian on Sep 17 2007
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