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You know, it sure looks like it's much easier to pitch when you get a huge lead early in the game. At least, fellow rookies Chase Wright and Kei Igawa seem to think so. The Yanks bats provided ample support for Igawa tonight, and he picked up is first major league win 9-2 over the Indians. Final line: 6 IP, 5 hits, 1 walk, 5 k's, 2 earned runs.

The Yankee bats decided this game in the bottom of the third when they put up a five spot. Alex Rodriguez went deep, again, ho hum. 13 games, 9 bombs,  23 RBIs, 16 runs. Just FYI, he’s on pace for 112 HRs, 287 RBIs and 199 runs scored.

Every Yankee starter had a hit, and Jason Giambi followed up A-Rod’s bomb in the sixth with a homer of his own. This offense is just punishing pitchers who can’t find the plate. Jeremy Sowers didn’t get out of the fateful third inning tonight, last night, Jake Westbrook got the hook in the second. This series is going to have a lingering effect on the Tribe’s pen, a feeling the Yanks are all-too familiar with.

Player of the Game: Kei Igawa. Really a quality start out of Igawa, the pen had to work three innings, but they weren’t high-pressure innings, and they cruised. (A-Rod can’t win it every game).

by Brian on Apr 19 2007