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Steve Trachsel (0–0) vs. Kei Igawa (0–0)

Hopefully, the Orioles don't have one of these in their batting cage.

First of all, you have to check out the video above. There are a couple of clips of Matsui lighting Igawa up for bombs back in Japan, Igawa wearing a polyester porno shirt and apparently an Iron Chef-style cook off. Now, to the game.

It’s early, game 4, so everything needs to be taken in perspective. That being said, I’m worried. Eventually, Wang will come back. Hughes will be brought up, Mussina and Pettitte will round into form and maybe even Clemens will make an appearance. The starting pitching won’t be this bad the entire season, but they may never be great. Wang is the only starter or potential starter the Yanks have/want who can be counted on to go deep into games. The bullpen is deeper (Vizcaino, Proctor, Farnsworth and Myers are all viable late-game options, Bruney and Henn should eat some middle innings when needed), but no bullpen can handle this type of load.

Every inning the pen needs to throw early in the season is a crucial late-season inning where Proctor is throwing 93 instead of 98. The Yanks need some length out of their starters, and they need it now. Maybe Igawa will be the guy, we’ll see today.

In a nutshell: The Yanks must have a good start from Igawa today, for my sanity if nothing else.

Keys to the game: Melky is off to a terrible start, so what does Joe Torre do? Move him up to leadoff. Maybe he wanted to get him a few more fastballs to see, I don’t know. Cano did a good job at the top of the lineup, I’d like to see him there again tomorrow, unless Damon is back.

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Note: I’m going to be on the road to Philly tomorrow during the game, not 100% sure I’ll be able to listen to/watch the next two, but I’ll do my best.

by Brian on Apr 7 2007