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Mike Mussina (2–3, 6.25 ERA) vs. Jose Contreras (4–5, 4.29 ERA)

The Yanks will face an OLD friend tonight in the final game of their four-game set in Chicago. In fact, to the right you can see a picture of a young Jose Contreras pitching in the 1943 Cuban World Series.

The good news for me, as a blogger, is that when the Yankees are hot, like they are right now, I can zero in on one aspect of the game which will be the most likely trouble spot in any given game. I don’t have to say things like “The Yankees need to hit better, field better and pitch better to win tonight.”  Instead, I can say, “Hopefully the Yankees can score enough runs to make up for the emotion-less wonder’s poor pitching performance.”

Mike Mussina has been ineffective to say the least thus far this year. He’s coming off a disastrous start against the Red Sox (5 IP, 5 earned, 9 hits, 4 walks, 2 HRs and only 1 K). I’m not expecting much from the 38 year-old.

And now the good news: Bobby Abreu is hitting like a #3 hitter. Opposite-field bomb last night, great sign. When he’s off he hits lazy fly balls the other way, when he’s staying on pitches he drives the ball that way. He’s also walking again, this lineup looks a lot better with a .400+ OBP guy in front of A-Rod and behind Jeter. Expect A-Rod’s RBI numbers to explode.

I’m officially going to start a “Keep Miggy at First” petition. Phelps is horrid defensively, and it’s not like his bat is that much of an upgrade over Miguel’s. Cairo adds a small-ball element to the bottom of the lineup with his bunting ability, bat control and speed, which makes the lineup more circular. Damon and Jeter are good RBI guys for #1 and #2 hitters.

Let’s make it 2 series in a row tonight, fellas. Amazingly, it would be the first time this season that the Yankees have won back-to-back series.

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by Brian on Jun 7 2007