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Well, if you’re anything like me, the sole Major League Baseball game on “opening day” left you feeling somewhat cheated. The Mets 6–1 defeat of the defending champ Cards featured little to be remembered. Glavine nibbled at the corners, the Mets avoided Albert Pujols’ bat like the plague, the Cards played no D, the Mets played great D. The one extraordinary occurrence was the Mets “stolen base king” Jose Reyes getting caught by the Jeff Nelson fake-to-third-throw-to-first pickoff move. Classic.

I’m here to tell you baseball fans out there not to be discouraged. Real baseball is only a little over 12 hours away. The Yanks season officially kicks off at 1:05pm at the Stadium with Carl Pavano toeing the slab against “The Future of the Mets” Scott Kazmir.

With the Sixers season winding down, the focus here at Depressed Fan will begin to shift to the Yanks. The remaining 9 Sixers game will get the full treatment, but with the baseball season upon us, I’ll be devoting equal time to my first, true love in the sports world. If I’m in the country, and physically able to either watch or listen to the Yanks, I will. I’ll be tracking the trends that could mean the difference between a ring and another September disappointment for the Bombers.

As the season kicks into full swing, there will be plenty of opportunities for special feature like slide shows of my pictures from the games, and maybe even a “Melky Watch” akin to “Willie Watch,” but we’ll be tracking the positives about Melky Cabrera (who I still think is the psychological lynch pin to the Yanks’ success) and Yanks’ roundtables with our other Yanks bloggers. In the mean time, here’s what you can expect from me on a daily basis:

Game recaps: If I watch/listen to the game, you’ll see my thoughts on the game here. Not plain stats, not regurgitated thoughts from the broadcasters, but the thoughts of a true fan.

On-Deck: A preview of the next day’s game with up-to-date pitching match-ups, a little advanced scouting on the opponent, archives of past games (if applicable) and links to blog coverage from the opponent team’s fans.

Player of the game: Each game will have a P.O.T.G. for the Yanks, we’ll keep a running tally, and use this total to pick our Yanks’ MVP.

I can’t wait for the season to begin, and seeing what many people consider the best the N.L. has to offer play tonight, I’m 100% sure the World Series champ is going to come from the American League. Check back later today for the inaugural On Deck post, and enjoy the game tomorrow Yanks’ fans. Anything’s possible on opening day.


by Brian on Apr 2 2007