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3: Number of wins the Sox had against the Yanks this weekend.
10.1: Number of innings the Yankee pen threw in the three-game set.
13.2: Number of innings the Yankee starters threw in the three-game set.
6,752: Number of times John Miller said “Four consecutive home runs” during the game tonight.
6: Number of earned runs Dice K gave up to the first real lineup he’s ever seen.
0: The amount of respect I have for Dice K’s game.
6.53: Combined ERA of Schilling, Beckett and Dice K in this series.
145: Number of games left in the season. RELAX.
7: Number of games in the next 7 days for the Yank. PANIC.
12: Number of appearances for Scott Proctor in the team’s first 17 games.
0: Number of saves Mo has, 17 games into the season.
5.6666666667: Average run support provided by the lineup.
5: Number of leads blown by Yankee pitching.
2: Number of times Pettitte has pitched out of the pen to pick up his teammates.
567: Number of times I’ve laughed out loud at the “C” on Jason Varitek’s jersey.
2: Number of Yankees hit by Dice K tonight.
0: Number of Red Sox hit by Yankee pitchers. That has got to change.
350: Colter Bean’s playing weight.
10,000,000: Number of viewers who said, “Who the F is Colter Bean?”
1: Number of legitimate major leaguers the Yankees have in their rotation.
5: Number of days until the Yanks/Sox hype machine gets fired up again.

Player of the Game: Jason Giambi, 2–4, 3 RBI.

by Brian on Apr 23 2007