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  1. Pettitte gets lit up, battles, and loses.
  2. Cano starts, sort of hustles, still goes 0/4.
  3. Gardner hits a long fly ball for a double that would've been caught if the center fielder wasn't playing pitcher depth, Michael Kay fawns over him. (Batting average all the way up to .185).
  4. Veras pitches. Veras gives up a run.
  5. The Twins lose in extra innings, proving the Yanks will even fail as spoilers.
  6. Damon breaks a bat.
  7. Yankees fold after they get down by more than 1 run.
  8. Girardi warms up Humberto Sanchez, doesn't put him in the game.
  9. Jeter breaks Gehrig's record.
  10. The record becomes larger than the game. The player becomes larger than the team. Jeter is uncomfortable in the spotlight when the team is playing so badly and quietly seethes, along with Mo Rivera, the only other guy on the roster who even cares at this point.
Player of The Game: Robertson
Team Record: 80-71
Damon: Uno. 62 on the season.
by Brian on Sep 17 2008
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