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...and I'm already sick of Suzyn Waldman.

Suzyn Waldman

Pete Abraham is saying the start of the game will be delayed, Waldman hasn't gotten the memo, apparently. Anyway, sit tight it looks like there will be baseball today. Here's your lineup for Opening Day.

  1. Damon (CF)
  2. Jeter (SS)
  3. Abreu (RF)
  4. A-Rod (3B)
  5. Giambi (1B)
  6. Cano (2B)
  7. Posada (C)
  8. Matsui (DH)
  9. Melky (CF)
The 7-9 hitters in the Yankee lineup combined for 257 runs, 53 home runs and 266 RBI last season. That's scary.

Enjoy the game, Yankee fans. Check back later for a recap and thoughts.

UPDATE: Looks like an hour delay, probably.
by Brian on Mar 31 2008
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