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After two heartening wins to open the series, the Yanks laid an egg tonight. Ponson was putrid, the offense left runners stranded left and right. Pretty much everything that could've gone wrong did, and Lester was more than up to the task.

The fact that Geise went the final 4 innings and gave the rest of the pen an off day is the only positive to come out of this one.

All told, it was a tame affair. No bean balls. It was decided early. The Sox got more than enough offense out of Ortiz and Ramirez.

A sweep would've been ideal, but winning series is what you have to do from here on out. The Yanks picked up a game on the Sox over the weekend, and stayed even with the Rays.

Make sure you check out Who Made You Mirabelli? for coverage from the Sox perspective. Earlier today I found myself daydreaming about a sweep and a colossal collapse by the Beantowners, a la the five-game sweep in 2005, but it wasn't meant to be. This division is going to be a fight 'til the end. Now, I find myself wondering if Ponson's return to Earth will make the Yanks a little more eager to pull the trigger on the Washburn trade.

Player of The Game: Geise, by default.
Team Record: 58-46
Damon: One glorious exploding bat in the first inning.