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Not Phil Hughes, not Ian Kennedy, but Darrell Rasner is the first baby Bomber to pick up a win as a starter. Obviously, not the plan heading into the season for the Yanks, but they'll take it. Speaking of Hughes and Kennedy, while the former will be out until July, the latter will now be cooling his heels in Scranton.

Sending Kennedy down is probably a smart move. He needs to build up his confidence a little bit and it just wasn't happening with the Yanks. The most troubling aspect of the move, however, can be found in that same story. It appears the Yanks are planning to promote Kei Igawa for a start or two in the near future. While it's easy to say that Igawa couldn't pitch much worse than Kennedy and Hughes have in this young season, it's probably more realistic to say that it's unlikely he'll pitch any better.

It looked like we were going to see more of the same from Rasner early on, but the two runs he gave up in the first were the only he'd allow on the game. Girardi played it safe with Rasner, pulling him after the 6th even though he'd only thrown 74 pitches. Conservative, but tomorrow is an off day so getting Ohlendorf, Farnsworth and Mo an inning each was probably wise. Nothing to crucify Girardi for today, although at some point you're going to have to see if Shelley can hit righties because Giambi just is not getting the job done in any way, shape or form.

The offense was kick-started by Damon (2 for 5) and Jeter (4 for 5), and the game was put out of reach by the bottom half, namely Melky and Cano who hit back-to-back bombs deep into the seats in right field. Melky reclaimed the team lead in HRs with 6, he only had 8 all last year. It's really a shame the Yanks weren't able to move him in the offseason, huh?

Well, they're back over .500 after completing the sweep of the Mariners. Tomorrow is an off day then the Indians come to town on Tuesday and we'll get a rematch of the fateful ALDS game 2, Carmona vs. Pettitte (minus the Canadian Soldiers).

Player of The Game: Darrell Rasner
Team Record: 17-16
Damon's Broken Bats: 1 today (Died a hero on a single in his second at bat)

by Brian on May 4 2008
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