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I'm going to take for granted that Dan Giese's career as a starter for the Yanks won't last too long. He could prove me wrong, and I hope he does, but sooner or later, the Yanks are going to look elsewhere to fill the 5th spot in the rotation.

I'm not talking about trades, that's a long ways away. I'm talking about internal options. In fact, I would bet money that at some point, Brian Cashman et al are going to be huddled around a table somewhere making one excruciatingly tough decision:

Do we call up Kei Igawa or Sidney Ponson to make a spot start?

Yes, the Yankees signed the rotund Aruban to a minor-league deal today, and I don't think the move was made to bolster Scranton's chances in the International League. It will be a tough decision, to be sure. Ponson lacks discipline, Igawa lacks everything. My guess, we see both of them make a start before the season is over.

Ian Kennedy, please hurry back.
by Brian on Jun 19 2008
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