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The early speculation on Chien-Ming Wang's foot injury couldn't be worse. According to Tyler Kepner, it could be the dreaded Lisfranc's injury (found via River Ave Blues). Before we go any further, if you're wondering what a Lisfranc's injury is, check out this piece written by a podiatrist about the injury.

If the speculation turns out to be true, the Yanks are in a bind. Not only was Wang the ace of the staff, but he was the one guy you could consistently count on for length. If he's done for the season, the Yanks are going to stink of desperation and the CC Sabathia situation will turn into a repeat of the Johan Santana situation this Winter.

There's been talk of the Yanks throwing a boatload of money at CC in the offseason and while huge contracts for pitchers rarely pan out, I would've probably been in favor of that. The difference between CC next Winter and Johan this past Winter was that the Yanks would've given up the money and a draft pick to land him as a free agent, not $100M+ and blue chip prospects like Phil Hughes. If Wang is done for the season and the Yanks enter into trade talks for Sabathia, that distinction will disappear.

So, what would it take to land Sabathia, assuming Cleveland really is willing to trade him in the first place, and willing to trade him to the Yankees, both of which are huge assumptions, but let's suspend disbelief for a moment. If Hank decides the Yanks absolutely have to have Sabathia, at all costs, what is the asking price?

I have to wonder if some of the luster has worn off Phil Hughes in the eyes of executives around the league. Would Hughes be the centerpiece to a deal with the Indians? My gut says no. The Indians needs lie in a different area. Currently, the Indians don't have a single regular batting over .280. Their two most-feared batters, Victor Martinez and Travis Hafner, have combined for 4 home runs, 43 RBI and an OBP of about .330.

This team needs offense, so I have to believe the first name they'll be interested in will be Austin Jackson. Any deal for Sabathia begins with A-Jax and may still include Phil Hughes. Is that a price you're willing to pay, especially when you factor in the monster extension Sabathia will demand? I don't think so.