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This story has been making the rounds, ESPN is having a field day with it. The Hammer has decided that he's going to talk about what the Yankees need to do. Ostensibly, Hank was calling for Joba Chamberlain to be inserted into the rotation now. A silly notion, for many reasons, but that's not really the story here.

The story is that Brian Cashman is done in the Bronx. This will be his last season, if he lasts the season. I don't think Hank is going to fire him, I don't think Hal will let him. I think Cashman is gone after this season because he will not, and should not work for Hank. The schizophrenic brothers Steinbrenner are embodying everything George was at his worst. This offseason, Cashman mustered enough support to curtail Hank. This is Hank lashing out and this is also a very dangerous time for the Yankees.

10-10 is not a good start. In fact, it's a troubling start, but it is not the end of the world. Kennedy and Hughes aren't going to pitch like this for the entire season. Mussina is another story, but no matter what, having an owner going off half-cocked to the press is only going to serve to screw the Yankees. If it's decided that they do need to go out and get a pitcher, having Hank demanding it in the press is only going to raise the asking price.

Beyond Cashman's continued employment, there are other things to be worried about here. Most importantly, the psyche of the young players on the team. They don't need Hank calling them out in the press. They probably don't have a manager who's going to be able to shield them from this crap (which was actually a strong suit of Torre's). The Yankees need to find a handler for Hank, or at the very least get him to stop acting like a petulant, spoiled rich kid.

Some of the garbage he spewed in the offseason was comical and even had a hint of truth. That's fine. The offseason doesn't matter. Now that the team is on the field, he really does need to take a back seat, for everyone's sake.
by Brian on Apr 21 2008
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