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Mike Mussina
Two wins in a row, two straight games spent dazzling batters with an array of slow, slower and slowest slop. Dare I say it looks like Robo-Mussina has figured out this whole "pitching without good stuff" concept? Maybe after another start. For now, I'm going to bask in the glow of Moose's solid 5 innings and be thankful for another dominant showing from the pen and a miraculous four-run rally.

The rally was unlike anything we've seen from this team in quite some time. Check it out:
  • Melky, infield single
  • Jeter, infield single
  • Abreu, single to left
  • A-Rod, HBP
  • Giambi, ground out
  • Matsui, ground out
That equaled four runs. One ball left the infield. I guess this one makes up for all the liners hit right at people.

As impressive as Mussina's continued non-futility was, the bullpen was really the story of the game. Johnathan Albaladejo, Farnsworth, Joba and Mo combined for 4 innings of shutout ball, allowing only 1 hit and 1 walk while striking out 4.

Having Joba and Mo at the end of the bullpen is going to start getting into the heads of opposing teams very soon. Those guys are basically untouchable right now and the fact that they're sitting in the pen, waiting to close things out is going to make teams play differently in the middle innings of games. If Farnsworth can keep it up, the pen will be just fine (until Joba leaves it, that is).

The Yanks finished the series with a 2-2 split, finished their monster road trip with a 5-5 split, and emerge on the other end of it with a 14-13 record. I'll take it.

Detroit (my least favorite city) heads into the Bronx tomorrow night and Phil Hughes will take on the Gambler in the opener of the series.

Player of The Game: AlbaladejoFarnsworthChamberlainRivera
Team Record: 14-13
Damon: No broken bats, he did pinch hit, but drew a walk and later scored a run. However, we have received word from Depressed Fan headquarters that Damon did indeed break a bat in last night's game. His total on the year is now 12.
Editor's Note: None of the groupies pictured above were hurt in the production of this post.
by Brian on Apr 28 2008
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