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Night's like this make me proud to be an insomniac. The wife and baby will be sound asleep, the hipsters will be retreating from my neighborhood on their Vespas, everyone will be winding down, getting ready for hump day tomorrow on the job. Me, I'll be right here, live blogging the Yanks/A's game from the Oakland McAffee Coliseum.

First pitch will be at about 10:05, if you're up and watching, stop by.

For the next six hours, here's a link and discussion which might interest you guys. River Ave Blues has been foaming at the mouth to get this post out there, calling for Brett Gardner to supplant Melky Cabrera as the Yankees center fielder. I like Gardner, and I think he should be on the major league roster as a spot starter and more importantly, as wheels off the bench, but he shouldn't take over for Melky.

Look at the numbers, Melky had a great April (.299/.370/.494), then a horrible May (.234/.270/.319) and he seems to be bouncing back a bit so far in June (.294/.333/.294). He's young, he's streaky. This is nothing new. Talk to me at the end of July and we'll see how his numbers look then.

Bring Gardner up, get him acclimated with the big leagues. Give him spot starts, let him pinch run in big situations. Get some kind of idea as to what he could contribute on the major league level. If you do that and he looks ready, then fine, make some tough decisions. To advocate trading Melky right now to make room for Gardner is lunacy.
by Brian on Jun 10 2008
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