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I spoke to Mike from Green Pinstripes earlier today, and he was 100% confident the Yanks would clinch tonight behind the Wanger. This leaves me convinced the D-Rays will prevail, Mike also thinks Chad Pennington is a legitimate NFL quarterback.

All kidding aside, expect these final five games to serve three purposes for the Yanks.
  1. Rest the guys who need it.
  2. Figure out the bullpen
  3. Get Joba ready
They will win the Wild Card, be it tonight, tomorrow or the next day. That's a foregone conclusion. Joe is going to use the rest of this week to answer a few key questions. Unfortunately, the most important question won't have an answer until game 3 of the first round. Will Clemens be ready?

I'll do an entry on the post-season roster later in the week. Tonight, keep an eye on Joba. Joe is going to use him on back-to-back nights, tonight may be the first.

No live blog tonight, but I'll be watching and checking back here frequently, so leave any thoughts in the comments (and avoid ESPN, Steve Phillips is announcing the Phillies/Braves game).
by Brian on Sep 26 2007
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