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One to go.

The Yanks followed up their gutsy 1-0 win over the Sox, in Fenway, with a more comfortable 10-3 thrashing on Saturday afternoon.

Pettitte ran into trouble early, but settled down to go 6 innings while only allowing 2 earned runs. The story of the game, though, was Robinson Cano. I can't come up with any more synonyms for hot to describe him at this point. Today, he hit a solo shot to straight-away center to tie the game at 2, tacked on two more runs in the 7th, but more on that later. The only out Cano made was on a shot back up in the middle that was deflected, otherwise he finishes 4/4.

Now, the story of the 7th really starts in the bottom of the sixth. Jose Veras came in and put two runners on with one out for Ortiz. Girardi made the call to the pen for his newest weapon, Damaso Marte. It took Marte 4 pitches to strike out Ortiz. Girardi went back to the mound and called on Edwar to face Manny. Edwar got Manny to pop out on the third pitch he saw. He did not see a change-up, which I think is the reason Edwar has been so dominant of late. He still uses the change, but he's using his other pitches to set it up much more effectively. The pen held the score right at 7-3 and extinguished Boston's best shot.

In the top of the 7th, the Sox went to Hansen to keep the score right where it was. Hansen walked Molina before getting Damon to ground out and Jeter to strike out. Abreu worked a tough walk to make it first and third, two outs. A-Rod stepped to the plate and got drilled high on his left arm, obviously in retaliation for Youkilis's foul ball last night. Now, if Kevin Youkilis is reading this, and I really hope he is, pay close attention. A-Rod was hurt by the pitch. It was obviously intentional. How did he react? He had the trainer come out and look at it, then walked to first base. He didn't bitch. He didn't moan. He didn't look at the pitcher like he wanted to fight. He didn't look at the ump like he wanted the ump to do something about it. He walked to first base. How did the Yankees react? Well, they turned that bean ball into 3 more insurance runs. Compare that to Youkilis's bitch-fest last night, or his weak strike out in the at bat and you'll see my main problem with the biggest sissy in the league.

For the record, I have no problem with A-Rod being hit there. As much as it amused me, there was really no need for Joba to throw at Youkilis on Friday night, and there really should have been some kind of retaliation. It came today, now it's over. You didn't see the Yankees on the bench getting riled up. It was called for, it happened, the Yankees made the Sox pay for it, end of story. That's how retaliation should work.

Edwar went on to shut the Sox down in the eighth. Robertson pitched a 1,2,3 ninth and that was all she wrote. Damon and A-Rod both left the game, but word on the street is that they're both fine and will play tomorrow.

As for tomorrow, the scheduled starters as of 11:30pm tonight are Sid the kid and Lester. That could change, however. Jarrod Washburn is scheduled to start for the Mariners in Toronto, but if the Yanks can swing a deal for him, he could easily hop a plane and start for the Yanks instead. I'd love to see it. By the way, the newest Yankee outfielder, Xavier Nady, is sporting an impressive .956 OPS vs. lefties.

Player of The Game: Dontcha Know!
Team Record: 58-45
Damon: No broken bats, but a Charlie horse.

The Devil Rays (I'm using the old name to bring the curse back) beat the Royals 5-3, so they maintain their 3-game lead on the Yanks. The Yanks pulled even with Boston in the loss column, but remain 2 back in the win column, 1 in the standings. A win tomorrow and you'll see them swap spots, with Boston looking up at the Bombers. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball tomorrow night, Miller and Morgan, lucky us.