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It was good to see Phil Hughes back in the majors. It was better to see him back to wearing #65. It was still better to see that he's ditched the slider in favor of a cutter. It was almost the best to see him pitch out of jams and give the Yanks enough to get the team a win. But the best thing about Phil's return is the Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn look he's cultivated.

If you don't know who Wild Thing is, please go out and rent Major League, or get it from Netflix, or download the torrent. Whatever the kids are doing today to get movies, do it.

Back to the game. It was a breath of fresh air to see Hughes back on the mound in the Bronx. He wasn't dominant, in fact he struggled to get through is four innings thanks to poor command and pesky at bats by the White Sox, but the important thing is that he didn't fold. He fought through his four innings and didn't give up the big inning which surely would've sunk the Yanks.

Phil Coke, who is quickly becoming my favorite young Yankee, pitched another two impressive innings. Bruney got one out, then Joba and Edwar finished it up.

The biggest hit of the night came from Nady to drive in the first run with two out in the bottom of the 7th. Nady would score the go-ahead run on a wild pitch. The heinous ChiSo bullpen would go on to allow 3 insurance runs in the 8th on a two-run bomb by Damon (caught by the same fan who caught a bomb last night, and repeated his Cabbage Patch celebration dance, see video below for a how-to-cabbage-patch-dance video) and an opposite-field solo bomb from A-Rod.

Player of The Game: Nady. If he doesn't knock in the first run there they lose this game. I'm convinced.
Team Record: 81-71
Damon: 2 mas. 64 on the season
by Brian on Sep 17 2008
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