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In case you missed it, the Yanks are playing some halfway decent baseball right now. One team who surely has not missed it is the Boston Red Sox. While the Yanks hammer the Cinderella Rays at the Trop, the Sox are laughing all the way to the bank in Boston as they handle the lowly O's. Tonight, Carl Pavano did his best Sidney Ponson impersonation, leaving the final 15 outs to the bullpen. Edwar used some luck to escape the fifth, Phil Coke (whose motion is a carbon copy of a young Mike Stanton's) pitched two strong innings, Bruney pitched the 8th and Veras closed out the 8-4 win in the 9th.

We had our first replay review, and guess who was in the middle of it. That's right, A-Rod. He hit a towering shot down the line in left and apparently over the foul pole and off a catwalk. The replay was invoked, took too long, and what I guess is the right call was made. I didn't see a definitive view of the play. It was a big blow for the Yanks, and turned what could've been a stressful ninth into another day of rest for Mo.

Cano had a couple of hits, Abreu pushed his average back up above .300, the Yanks stole 3 bases. If the Yanks are, in fact, going on a run right now, it's a shame they didn't start it a week earlier, when it would've meant something. As it stands right now, they've won 5 of 7 games and gained no ground on the Sox. The Twins, however, appear to be in freefall. The Yanks remain 7 behind the Sox, but only 2 behind the Twins. Is there a silver medal for coming in second in the Wild Card race?

Player of The Game: A-Bomb (4 more RBI)
Team Record: 75-64 (I believe they've never been better than 11 games over, but I have to double check that)
Damon: Nada.
by Brian on Sep 4 2008
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