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The Sixers traveled through a rare blizzard tonight only to find a red-hot Milwaukee Bucks team waiting for them. The Bucks blew the Sixers out, 109-90, but the game wasn't really that close.

The Sixers started slow, but Andre Iguodala powered a 13-0 run in the first quarter to put Philly in front, Iggy continued to excel early in the second, building the lead to 12 points. Then Willie Green entered the game and a 31-19 lead turned into a 46-47 deficit at the half. Green turned in his usual, grind the offense to a halt and cover no one on defense, effort and it got the avalanche started. After the half, the Bucks caught fire from downtown, they finished the game 12-25 from three.

Early in the fourth quarter the lead ballooned to 30 points, then Willie Green came back into the game. Since the game was out of reach, Green obviously dominated, scoring a quick 9 points. It's pitiful that this guy is in the NBA. His first, second, third and fourth thoughts every time he touches the ball are jacking up a shot, and the shots never fall if the game is even close to being competitive. For some reason, Mo Cheeks sees him lighting it up when the game is out of reach and thinks that will translate in other situations. Apparently, it's never occurred to Mo that Green can only perform when (a) there's no pressure on him and (b) the other team has STOPPED playing defense altogether.

If this team is going anywhere in the future, Green has to either go, or be completely buried at the end of the bench. Iguodala is your player of the game, 22 points on 9/18 from the floor breaking out of his two-game shooting slump.

by Brian on Feb 25 2007
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