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What happens today before 5 p.m. could have a huge ripple effect on the Sixers going forward. 5 p.m. is the deadline for any players in the draft who have not signed with an agent yet to decide whether they will remain in the draft, or head back to campus.

No one seems to know what Jeff Green is going to do. As Andy Katz said for ESPN, “He's likely a Nos. 5-12 pick this year or next. So it comes down to whether he wants to get paid now or in a year, and whether he wants to help lead the Hoyas to a possible national title.” That sums it up.

All signs seem to be pointing toward the Sixers drafting Green, one way or the other. If he’s no longer in the draft, Billy King may be forced to make a bold move. The Sixers may look to move up even further in the first round, maybe to grab someone like Al Horford or Corey Brewer. Who knows what’s going to happen, maybe Kobe will wind up in Philly. I sure hope not.

Green isn’t the only player who could flip-flop today, here are a few other notables:

  • Mike Conley Jr.
  • Daequan Cook
  • DeVon Hardin
  • Spencer Hawes
  • Jason Smith
  • Thaddeus Young

UPDATE: Jeff Green is leaving Georgetown for the draft, officially.

by Brian on Jun 18 2007
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