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Greg OdenWhen YardBarker underwent a major overhaul in April, one feature they added was blogs by pro athletes, or soon-to-be pro athletes, as the case may be. Tonight, I was over there posting a tease to my piece on Bud Selig’s persecution of Jason Giambi when I came across a blog written by none other than Greg Oden.

Oden may look like he’s forty, but he really is just a kid. His blog is a good read, it’s about what it’s like to be out on his own, among the wolves. You get the feeling that he’s really going to miss Ohio State, and there may even be a slight tinge of regret for leaving early.

Reading his words makes me think Portland is really going to get something special when they draft Oden (unless they f up and take Durant or trade the pick). A lot of guys with his potential, and hype, would really be full of themselves, you don’t get that impression at all from Oden.

Make sure you check out his post on the recruiting visit he had at Nike headquarters. It reminds me of Johnny Be Good.

by Brian on Jun 7 2007