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Finally, some Sixers news. The Sixers and Nuggets pulled off another deal today. Heading to Denver: Steven Hunter and Bobby Jones, heading to Philly: Reggie Evans and the rights to Ricky Sanchez.

There are so many different ways you can judge the winners and losers of trades. For example, in this trade, the Sixers are getting rid of one of the worst rebounding big men in the game (Hunter averaged 8.4 rebounds per 40 minutes) for one of the best rebounding big men (Evans averaged 16.5 rebounds per 40 minutes). Or, you can look at salaries. Evans is owed $19 million over the next four seasons ($4.2 million this year), Hunter's contract is less-expensive, $10.4 million over the next three seasons ($3.2 million this year). Or you can take a look at the makeup of a roster. The Nuggets had a glut of power forwards (they seem to think Kenyon Martin is going to be playing this year, which seems naive to me), this moved helped that problem. The Sixers had too many guys for the roster, again, this move is a two-for-one, so both teams win in that regard.

The final two methods for evaluating a trade are more subjective. How do you, as a fan, feel about the trade? I'm ecstatic. The Sixers didn't get a bad contract back, Evans is making less than the Sixers would've paid Joe Smith, and he's going to basically fill the same role. Obviously, he isn't as good as Smith on offense, but he's better on the boards, and the Sixers needed a big who would come off the bench and pound down low. Hunter is fine, for short spurts, but he gets exposed if he's on the floor for too long, and he really is a horrible rebounder. Jones is, well, garbage. He has no game whatsoever, and if they didn't trade him, I thought they may cut him. One last way to judge a trade is to see how fans of the other team feel about it. Here's a post on the trade from a Nuggets blog, The Nugg Doctor. He seems sad to see Evans go, and his rationale is a bit of a reach.

Where things start to get interesting is in the acquisition of Bobby Jones. While Jones only finished last year's rookie season averaging 2.5 points and 1.3 rebounds. It was the way he came on at the end which makes him intriguing. Some would say that Philly didn't have the best of years in last season's efforts, but in the month of April Bobby Jones averaged 6.1 points and 2.4 rebounds in a total of nine games.
Bobby Jones was garbage wire-to-wire last season. He doesn't belong in this league. He averaged six points in 9 games because they were blowouts and half the Sixers team was hurt. He has no future. He does seem like a nice guy though.

I don't know much about Ricky Sanchez, but it's nice to see the Sixers get their hands on a foreign guy (that sounded dirtier than I intended). I'm sure Ricky from Sixers4Guidos will shed some light in the coming days with a scouting report on the Sixers' newest property. The important thing is, this trade made the Sixers better this year, and probably in the future as well. The difference in salary is minimal and I believe the team is still under the luxury tax threshold, so it's a win for Billy King.

Here's some YouTube magic on Steven Hunter (believe it or not), followed by our new guy, Reggie Evans.