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I was afraid I'd find a story similar to this pop up in the papers. The other night in the Sixers loss to Detroit it was obvious that Andre Iguodala was hurt, I commented on it in my wrap up, but couldn't find his injury referenced anywhere else. I've been holding my breath ever since. Today, Iguodala confirmed my suspicions.

In the Philadelphia Inquirer article, Andre confirmed that his back has been bothering him for a couple of months, but never as bad as it was on Tuesday night. He says he won't play just to keep his 232 consecutive-starts streak alive, but he does hope to be in the lineup on Friday night against Charlotte. Let's hope this isn't something that's going to linger, but if he needs to rest it, there's no reason that he shouldn't. His future is too bright to risk it on the longest of long shots at making the playoffs this year.

by Brian on Mar 22 2007
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