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Well, here we are, game 82. The Sixers are heading up north to the 51st state to take on the Toronto Raptors tonight. The Raptors have nothing to play for, and I’d be shocked to see Chris Bosch in the game. It’s going to be the battle of the benches.

Andre Iguodala, Kyle Korver and Rodney Carney will probably sit out their third straight game. Willie Green will probably take the bulk of the shots, Louis Amundson will probably come in and push the Raptors around, Lou Williams will probably make the most of his minutes again, and the Sixers will go quietly into the night, win or lose.

This time tomorrow night, I’ll begin writing up my thoughts on the season. The page will officially be turned from the ‘06–07 season to ‘07–08. I’ll take a look back, and a look forward.

The draft lottery is a little over a month away, and depending on tomorrow’s action the Sixers will have between the ninth and twelfth best shot at the number 1 pick. (Their odds of winning the lottery will be between 1.4% and 0.7%). Their remaining two picks in the first round will probably be numbers 20 (Denver’s pick) and 30 (Dallas’ pick).

by Brian on Apr 18 2007
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