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Well, from the long view it's hard to argue with what Mo did tonight, sort of. He did get extra rest for Dalembert and Miller, but Iguodala logged 36 minutes in game #82. He almost had the best of both worlds when the Sixers mounted an impressive comeback to overcome a 23-point deficit in the second half, but it was not meant to be. A few paragraphs is all I have for tonight's game. The first season is over and starting tomorrow we're going to be looking forward to this weekend with a series of posts over the next three days.

As for tonight, it was really 48 minutes of garbage time, which obviously means it was Willie's time to shine. GT Green launched a modest 21 shots, hitting 11 of them and finishing with 27 points to lead the Sixers in scoring. When the game was over and I checked the box score I did an immediate double-take. Willie had 7 assists. I find that truly hard to believe.

The bright spot to take away from this game was the Sixers ability to bust the zone. They rained threes on the Bobcats in the second half and forced them to man up. They would've won the game if they played a shred of interior defense in the fourth, but such is life.

40 wins is nothing to sneeze at considering where the Sixers came from and how they got to this point. It's nothing to sneeze at, but it's not enough. Right now, the goal is 44. Once they get there we'll reassess. It all starts with #41 and after watching the Sixers in the second half tonight, I'm feeling more and more confident that they have a shot.

Player(s) of The Regular Season: Andre #1 and Andre #2. You can't really pick an MVP between the two. Each played his role to perfection.
Team Record: 40-42
The Next Step: 6pm Sunday night, at Detroit.
by Brian on Apr 17 2008
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