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So the latest has Hawes and the Voose sitting this one out, but it appears as though Marshon Brooks will play. Interested in seeing how he handles being guarded by Andre Iguodala. This should be a pretty easy night for Meeks on the defensive end. While Iguodala is trying to stop their isolation specialist and Jrue is dealing with Deron Williams, Meeks gets to just sort of hang out and make sure Stevenson and Morrow aren't left wide-open for threes (and really, Stevenson probably can be left wide open).

I'm not sure who has a bigger challenge tonight, Jrue (Deron), or the Sixers "bigs" who will have to keep Humprhies off the offensive glass. Luckily, Okur isn't an inside presence, nor is he very effective from the outside, so they can concentrate the bulk of their energy on defensive rebounding and contesting Deron Williams if he makes it into the lane.

It's never an easy win when you're without your starting and backup centers, but the Sixers need to find a way to get the job done again tonight. I feel like they're playing with fire going into these games against bad teams undermanned, but I guess it's preferable to rushing them back and having them miss the tougher games next week.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. I'll be here throughout, if you join me, just imagine what Dwight Howard's life will be like on the Nets next season (and keep in mind, they won't have Humphries).

Prediction: PHI 110, NJN 94
by Brian on Jan 25 2012
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