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A couple of things to look for. We're only two games into the season, and the Sixers have another off day tomorrow before their first back-to-back on Saturday/Sunday. If Doug Collins wants to stick with the same eight-man rotation, he can do it tonight. Hopefully, the Sixers will build up enough of a lead to where he can afford to dip a little deeper into his bench and steal some minutes for the more important players, but he's not at a point where he has to. Earlier today, Collins said he'd like to use 10 tonight, so we'll see how that works out.

Evan Turner had the best game of his short career in Phoenix last season. Iguodala was out with an injury and Turner destroyed the Suns. Expect him to a have a big game tonight as well. I'd like to see the Sixers go big for a stretch or two when Nash is in the game, but they don't have the personnel to put Turner at the point and Iguodala at the two, unless we're going to see Brackins or Thad at the three, which is doubtful.

It would be just super if Jrue could make the first game a hiccup, and avoid it becoming a trend. He needs to make strides this season, and the sooner he gets started, the better.

One thing I've seen in the comments today was an expectation that Thad would be able to handle a stretch four better than Brand. That's no entirely true. Thad should be able to handle a stretch four better, but his tendency to over help is a big problem, maybe as big of a problem as Brand's lack of mobility. He needs to be aware of his man and keep contact with him, let the five be the weak side helper.

That's all I've got. The tip is at 9pm. This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout. Join me if you're sick of moral victories.

Prediction: PHI 115, PHO 103
by Brian on Dec 28 2011
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