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I still haven't seen official word, but it looks like Evan Turner will be inserted into the starting lineup in place of Jodie Meeks. My guess is the rest of the starters remain the same, and hopefully we'll see more of Lavoy and less of Hawes tonight.

The Sixers need to be prepared for the emotion Chicago will surely come out with tonight. They lost their leader and they're going to be desperate to prove they can still achieve their goal without him. That energy must be matched, their momentum must be stopped early and the Sixers need to turn this into a basketball game quickly, rather than a unity party for the remaining healthy Bulls.

We've talked about specific things the team needs to do, areas they need to clean up, but what I'm really looking for tonight is for a couple of guys to step up. Iguodala absolutely must play better on both ends, same with Jrue. Lou has to be a factor off the bench. Brand needs to punish Boozer. Thad needs to keep Gibson off the glass. This isn't the time to skate by and let someone else get the job done, this is the time to leave it all on the floor and elevate your game. Show me something tonight.

The tip is at 8pm. This is your game thread. I'll be right here, thoughout. Join me on the edge of my seat.

Prediction: Back to Philly, tied 1-1.
by Brian on May 1 2012
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