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I spent the first three quarters of this game lamenting the disappearance of the Sixers team we've all come to know and love since late January. It seemed like they were coasting through another loss to a playoff caliber team and not looking particularly good doing it. The running game was fine, but in the half court there was just nothing there.

Then, in the fourth, Lou and Thad happened. Make no mistake, it was those two players, combined 40 years of age, who stood up and said "We will not lose this game!"

We now pause this recap because the refs are trying to hand the game to the Cavs. Two free throws on a B.S. call after the buzzer. We will resume the post-game after the robbery is complete.

Video of the last play after the jump...

Thanks to Joe from the comments for video above.

Hat tip to Dannie from the comments for the YouTube vid.

I'll spend one word describing the end of the game and then continue with my previous thoughts: Bullshit.

OK, let's forget the result because no foul was called, there was no whistle, the refs blatantly handed the game to the Cavs. Anyway, here's a look at what Lou and Thad did down the stretch and I really hope that ending doesn't take any wind out of the Sixers sails because they really did play a marvelous fourth quarter, whistle to buzzer.

  • Made deep jumper from the baseline
  • Steal from LBJ, dunk on the other end
  • Offensive rebound
  • Draws a charge on LBJ
  • Drive from the corner for a sweet lefty baby hook
  • Defensive rebound
  • Huge offensive rebound, leads to Dalembert 3-point play to tie the game
  • Offensive rebound and a put back
  • 8 points, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 drawn charge
  • Defensive rebound
  • Made layup
  • Defensive rebound
  • Jumper made
  • Steal on inbounds finished with a dunk
  • Jumper made
  • Steal
  • Layup made
  • Jumper made at end of shot clock to WIN the game
  • 12 points, 2 boards 2 steals
I really can't say enough about the quarter those two guys turned in. It was a thing of beauty. The team as a whole did a monster job. Dalembert had to leave with his fifth foul with the Sixers down 80-76 and 5:31 left on the clock. They actually tied the game up with Sammy on the bench, Reggie played a couple of huge minutes there.

This game will go down in the books as a loss, but that's not how I'm going to see it. I'm going to see it as a great sign heading into the playoffs. More on this coming in a post tomorrow. For now, try to erase what happened after the buzzer from your minds, Sixers fans. We all know who really won the game.

Player(s) of The Game: Thad and Lou. 20 points, 6 boards, 3 steals in the 4th quarter alone.
Team Record: 40-41*
Playoffs: #7 seed.

by Brian on Apr 14 2008
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