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Iguodala To the Cavs?

Twitter rumor from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski: "The Cavs have been listening intently to Sixers pitch of Andre Iguodala for several days, sources say. Unclear what Philly wants back." Thoughts after the jump.

Well, this rumor has me quite disturbed. Up to this point, the trade rumors involving Iguodala have seemed like a lot of smoke with very little fire and possibly even just rampant speculation. This is the first time I've seen an indication that the Sixers are actively shopping Iguodala. By shopping, I mean going to every team and saying, "Hey, what will you give us for our best player?"

I don't have to tell you how badly I do not want this to happen. If it does have legs, Elton Brand better be in the deal as well. If you recall, this was the "blow it up" trade I came up with a couple weeks back involving the Cavs:

Sixers send: Iguodala, Brand, Dalembert
Sixers receive: Shaq, Ilgauskus, JJ Hickson

Ilgauskus and Shaq are immediately bought out and free to return to the Cavs to bring home the championship Cleveland would basically lock up with this move. The Sixers save $6M this season in the difference of salaries going out vs. salaries coming in. Plus they save how ever much they can negotiate in the buyouts. They get Hickson on his rookie contract to see if he can contribute to the front court. They ensure themselves one of the worst two or three records this season (and probably for the foreseeable future as well), and they're then left with only $26M on the books heading into this summer's free agency.

With an unbelievable amount of luck, they could wind up landing John Wall and LeBron. Or Wall and Bosh. Or Wall and Wade. Or Wall and Amare. More likely, they'd wind up landing Favors and Joe Johnson for way too much money.

I'd hate to see the move I mentioned above, for a number of reasons, but if they're truly blowing things up, this accomplishes it in a major way. If they wind up trading Iguodala alone for draft picks and an expiring contract, we've officially become a joke of a franchise. Ditto if the move sends Iguodala out without unloading Elton Brand as well. Iguodala and Dalembert (aside from being a terrible PR move considering how Dalembert has been thrust into the spotlight and really handled himself well in the wake of the Haiti earthquake), would accomplish nothing but getting them under the luxury tax next season.

I've seen a couple of bloggers on Twitter mention that Iguodala isn't the type of guy they need because his game is similar to LeBron's. Similar in that they're both wing players and neither is a great shooter. My response to that would be to ask if Jordan and Pippen couldn't play together because they shared the same similarities? Adding Iguodala to the Cavs current lineup immediately makes them the clear favorite to win the championship. If you add in Brand and Dalembert, I think they're a mortal lock.

Anyway, if a decent-sized winning streak right now would stop these trade talks before Ed Stefanski does something silly, but also guarantee Jordan's return next season as the head coach, I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. Kind of like a Sophie's Choice situation.

The Sixers were also mentioned as a possible suitor for Amare. That deal would probably have to be centered around Iguodala, if it was to happen. Amare would be an ideal player for Jordan for reasons that should be obvious by now. All O, no D.

Game tonight at 7pm, preview will be up around 6.