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The New York Knickerbockers are officially no longer resurgent. The Sixers played host to a Knicks team tonight in Philly that was coming off a three-game winning streak, and the Knicks decided not to show up. The best way to sum up this game is to say that the Sixers would've won by 40 if Kyle Korver wasn't mired in a horrible shooting slump. Even so, they did blow the Knicks' doors off in a 98-77 route.

Project Lottery is in some trouble at this point. On the strength of their two-game winning streak, the Sixers have dropped to a tie for the second-worst record in the league with Charlotte. The Memphis Grizzlies are a dismal 6-22, and all alone at the bottom of the league.

Andre Iguodala continued his emergence as this team's best player, dropping 20 points on 6 of 11 from the field. The player of the game is Andre Miller, who made his debut memorable with 9 points, 11 assists and 5 rebounds, he only turned the ball over twice. Chris Webber graced the Sixers with his presence tonight, and chipped in with 18 points and 9 boards.

This Knicks team is just horrible, but it is fun to see Isiah Thomas with a stupid grin on his face as his team gets trounced on the floor. The highlight of the game was a trainwreck of a rookie who saw significant minutes for the Knicks named Renaldo Balkman. He's one of those guys that plays completely out of control and to top it off he's got huge dreadlocks which have to throw him off balance. The biggest question I have is how did he not wind up playing baseball with a name like Balkman?

The Sixers should get back to their losing ways on Tuesday when they begin a brutal 7-game West coast trip in Golden State. Mark down Jan. 2 on your calendar, that's when the Sixers head to Denver to take on A.I. and the Nuggets. It should be funny to see Boykins and Iverson matched up with Miller and Iguodala.

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by Brian on Dec 24 2006
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