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The Sixers carriage turned into a pumpkin well before midnight last night. Their two-game winning streak came to a screeching halt. Much to Eddie Jordan's chagrin, the team could not overcome their defensive ineptitude with uncharacteristic shooting proficiency for a third straight game. Honestly, if they need to shoot 50% or better from the field to beat injury-riddled teams, should we really call it a winning streak? Sounds more like a fluke to me.

Here's your rotation chart:

If you notice, Rodney Carney played 25 seconds in the first half, then the final 2:48 of the game, long after it had already been decided. Carney was coming off his best game of the season against Sacramento. If you can make any sense out of Jordan's explanation for this from Kate Fagan's article, please enlighten me. Check it out here.

And here's the advanced stats chart:

I don't think we really need to go into detail on last night's game. The Clippers did basically whatever they wanted on offense, especially after the half when their (substitute) head coach realized how many gross mismatches there were on the floor and set about exploiting them.

The lowlight of the night was when Dalembert was removed with 4 fouls in the third quarter and never returned to go after the unconventional triple-double (points/boards/blocks).

At this point I'm certain no meaningful improvement will take place for this team as long as Eddie Jordan is the coach, we may see hot shooting nights resulting in wins, but that's not sustainable. To make matters worse, there is no development of the younger players and we absolutely cannot evaluate what anyone on this roster is capable of under a competent head coach in a legitimate system. In short, nothing new.

Player of The Game: Rasual Butler. Why not.
Team Record: 9-23
Up Next: @ Denver, Saturday night.

I need to put my thoughts together about this Iguodala for McGrady nonsense. Expect a post late tonight.
by Brian on Jan 1 2010
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