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An epic battle, Nesterovic vs. Booth.The Sixers played a spirited first half in Toronto tonight, but the tail of the this particular back-to-back proved to be too much for this young team. Toronto pulled away in the third and cruised to a 109-96 win, dropping the Sixers to 14-22 and forcing them to wait until at least Friday for their first win in 2008.

The Sixers shot a stunning 3/15 from three tonight, which raised their percentage to just over 10% over the last two games. 10% from three.

It's time to quickly turn the page from this game, and honestly the last six games. The Bulls come into town on Friday for a game the Sixers absolutely should, and must win.

A few quick notes from tonight's game:
  • The Sixers fell apart when Iguodala went to the bench with four fouls about midway through the third. Which is odd, considering they hardly went to him when he was on the floor.
  • Willie Green (7/19) and Andre Miller (5/14) both took more shots than Iguodala (5/13). Lou Williams fell only one shot short (4/12).
  • On a positive note, Thad Young had another impressive game, finishing 7/11 including 1/1 from three with 4 boards, 2 steals and a block in 28 minutes. Young tied his career-high with 16 points.
  • On a less-positive note: Thad was on the pine when the Sixers needed him most in the beginning of the fourth. He probably needed the rest, so you can't totally lay the blame on Mo. Willie Green was in there for him and he just wasn't getting it done on either side of the floor tonight.
I warned you that the Sixers were coming up on a really rough stretch in their schedule. You can't completely blame this stretch on the schedule, though. The team seems to be slipping a little bit, making sloppy mistakes like missed dunks and foolish behind-the-back passes to Reggie Evans (both by Iguodala tonight), or stepping over the end line when you're inbounding the ball (Jason Smith). Something needs to happen to shake this team up a little, so I'll say it one more time. Move Thad Young into the starting lineup.

One final note. Since Willie Green returned, Rodney Carney has gone back to his familiar spot planted on the end of the bench. It makes you wonder why he started in place of Green for that stretch. I'm not saying he deserves more minutes now, quite the contrary. It just makes it seem odd that a guy can't get off the bench when the team is losing by double digits with a minute left in the game, but he's the first option to start when Green goes down.

Player of The Game
: Thad Young
Team Record: 14-22

You know what, it might not be such a bad idea to spend some of that cap space on Jose Calderon this offseason. His line tonight: 17 points, 6 boards, 9 assists, 2 steals and only 2 turnovers. He was also 3/5 from three. He's been lighting it up since T.J. Ford's injury.
by Brian on Jan 9 2008
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