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Opportunity Knocks for Jrue

The Sixers will be forced to change their starting lineup for the first time this season tonight. Earlier today, we learned Lou Williams fractured his jaw last night and he's a definite no go. According to Kate Fagan, Jrue Holiday will make his first NBA start when the Sixers face off against the Celtics. A brief preview and the game thread after the jump.

You hate to see guys get injured, but at the same time opportunities have been nearly impossible for Jrue to come by so far this year. Tonight, he'll be playing with the starters, from the opening tip, he should have ample opportunity to get comfortable on the floor and I'm hoping Jordan realizes he doesn't have another viable option at the point on his bench. Jrue shouldn't have to be looking over his shoulder.

Elton Brand is listed as a game time decision with a tight hammy, last night I said I thought he'd miss the game, I'm not sure if Lou's absence changes that. If it's up to him, I expect him to be on the floor. If it's not his decision, it would probably be a good idea to give him the night to rest up the hammy. The last thing they need is for EB to go down for an extended period of time.

I fully expect the Sixers to lose this game in spectacular fashion. Even if Jrue plays 30 solid minutes at the point, that still means 18 minutes of GreenIvey out there, which is a disaster waiting to happen. I know what tonight is going to be about for me, Holiday vs. Rondo, Holiday vs. Eddie Jordan, Holiday vs. the purgatory of the end of the bench. This opportunity may not have come at all this season if not for the injury to Lou, so we need the kid to seize it. Play so well that Jordan can't possibly come up with any brace-licking excuses for burying him on the end of the bench ever again. Defend the hell out of Rondo, crash the boards and pick your spots on offense.

Key to the Game: If we're talking winning and losing, Brand's availability is the key. Brand's availability and Garnett's gimpy knee.
If ______________ the Sixers will win: Iguodala scores 35+

This is your game thread, unfortunately, I'm going to have to watch on delay again. You guys did a great job keeping the thread going last night, keep up the good work.
by Brian on Nov 25 2009
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