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Pressing Questions - December 2, 2011


I've got a multiple choice question to kick things off:

What plan have the Sixers brass come up with for bringing a champion to Philly?

  • A: Do everything and anything to get a superstar in Philly ASAP (Dwight Howard, CP3 or Deron Williams being the three most-available superstars)
  • B: Tear it down. Use the amnesty and trades to strip this roster down and rebuild through the draft with cap space to burn.
  • C: Make incremental improvements to the roster while keeping future cap flexibility in place
  • D: Do everything they can to squeeze the most wins possible out of the team this season, damn the long-term consequences
  • E: Who needs a plan when you have the Voose. He's the savior.
  • F: Plan? What's a plan? I'm just happy I get to sit in the owners box and watch my new toy in action.

Your thoughts on this or any other - possibly more engaging - topic(s) in the comments.

Here's the link to my latest over on SB Nation Philly. It's on the opportunity Harris & co have, and how we'll get a pretty good idea very soon how they're going to use it.
by Brian on Dec 2 2011
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