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Show Some Spine

A couple years back - when wins, losses and the playoffs were things of import to the Sixers - the Bulls annihilated the Sixers by 40+ points early in the year. It was one of the most demoralizing losses in recent history for the franchise. The next time they met Chicago, they were ready and they took down the Bulls. I don't expect that type of turnaround from their 37-point loss in New Orleans a few weeks back, but they better at least show some fight.

Two big differences from their last meeting to tonight: (1) This one is at home in front of about 7,000 rabid fans (2) MCW is in the lineup. I'm not looking forward to seeing the Sixers feeble attempts to chase Ryan Anderson off the three-point line. I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing MCW vs. Jrue. Jrue played a deadly games against the Sixers with Wroten and Darius Morris "guarding" him last time. MCW is a different animal altogether. Really, really excited for this matchup (Jrue's numbers on the uptick recently, but they're still nowhere near where they need to be).

Turner should be looking for a little redemption after his 2/11 shooting performance in New Orleans. Hopefully he can build off his solid game the other night. I believe Hawes and Wroten are both back tonight, with Thad returning to the starting lineup.

As for the Waiters/Turner trade rumor, I'm in favor of any move which makes re-signing Turner an impossibility. And I do mean ANY move. Get 'er done, Hinkie.

The tip is at 7pm 8pm. I'll be around, looking forward to the PG matchup. See you in a few.
by Brian on Nov 29 2013
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