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Sixer(s) To The All Star Game?

It's been a long, long time since the Sixers both had players deserving of being selected to the All Star team, and a good enough record for the team to be noticed around the league. This year, they've got both. The teams will be announced in a few short hours, get your prediction in early.

Personally, I think the Sixers should get two representatives. Iguodala definitely, and then you can't go wrong choosing between Lou, Thad and Jrue. Jrue would have to make it for his defensive contributions (voting was done before last night's Tony Parker fiasco). Thad and Lou have each played their roles to perfection, so flip a coin. Lou gives the team the offensive lift it needs in important moments. Thad changes the game with his athleticism, hustle and uber-efficient scoring.

Vote your Sixer(s) in the poll below, then make your prediction in the comments as to who the coaches around the league will choose, if anyone:

The announcement will be made prior to the Lakers/Celts game tonight at 8pm on TNT. I'll be here during the announcement and for immediate reactions thereafter.