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The First Eleven

It's always best to break the season down into easily digestible portions. Typically, we use 10 game slices, but this year let's go with 11 so we can do it in six easy parts. Up first, the first 11. Check out the schedule and vote for what you think the Sixers record will be on January 14th.

  1. 12/26, @ POR - Portland has some new parts and they're trying to change themselves from the slowest team in the league to a running team. They always play the Blazers well, they're ready to go from opening night and they take this one. Win
  2. 12/28, @ PHO - If this game was later in the season, with some serious miles on Steve Nash, I'd pick the Sixers hands down, but everyone should be somewhat fresh. Phoenix won't have Marcin Gortat, which hurts them. I'm going with a win. Win
  3. 12/30, @ UTA - I truly believe all five of the games on this road trip are winnable, but no way they come home 5-0. This one is the hiccup. The Jazz have a lot of size and that arena is tough to play in. Loss
  4. 12/31, @ GSW - Tough game, second night of a back-to-back for the Sixers, on New Year's Eve, against a well-rested Warriors squad. I just don't think a team which relies on their perimeter players for so much of their offense can hang with the Sixers. Plus, they still can't defend to save their lives. Win
  5. 1/4, @ NOH - The Hornets are a complete joke. Win.
  6. 1/6, vs. DET - First home game, you've got the emotion of finally playing at home, tempered by the return from a long trip. Detroit is not a good basketball team, but this screams letdown game to me. Loss.
  7. 1/7, vs. TOR - The rare back-to-back with both games at home. Toronto will also play a b2b, they play the night before in New Jersey. Bargnani still starts for the Raps and they added Stefanski to their front office. Win
  8. 1/9, vs. IND - Neither team on short rest. The Sixers get caught looking forward to their three-games-in-three-nights stretch and lose a game they shouldn't. Loss
  9. 1/10, vs. SAC - DeMarcus Cousins turns the ball over 10 times and scores 20 points on 22 shots. Everyone calls him a budding superstar because he scores 20 points and the Sixers mop the floor with the Kings. Sacto is off the night before, but the extra rest doesn't help them. Win
  10. 1/11, @ NYK - Third game in three nights for the Sixers, the Knicks are rested. Not a fair fight, and the Sixers drop this one. Loss
  11. 1/13, vs. WAS - Finally an off day, followed by a cupcake. The Sixers take this one easily. Win

There you have it. I've got them at 7-4 after their first 11 games. They could do better, but you've got a long road trip to start things off, plus the back-to-back-to-back thrown in there. They'll only face four playoff teams from last season over the stretch, and one of those playoff teams no longer has Chris Paul. Anything above .500 is fine, anything better than 7-4 is a great start.

Vote in the poll below and leave your predictions in the comments. Tip off tonight is at 10pm, game thread will be up later on.

by Brian on Dec 26 2011
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