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The Only Rumor That Interests Me

The Iguodala rumors are heating up, there's talk the Cavs are still in the mix, someone floated the idea of the Clippers being interested. Apparently there may be a market for Lou Williams no as well. None of that matters in the least. Check after the jump for the only rumor that actually has me excited.

I'll give you the text before the source:

The struggling Sixers have been mentioned in the Tracy McGrady sweepstakes, but the bigger rumor involving the team is that ownership wants to clear out president Ed Stefanski and coach Eddie Jordan at the All-Star break. If that's the case, they'd probably install Tony DiLeo for a second straight season as the interim coach.

The source is the NY Daily News (in the Slam Dunks portion, middle column. Thanks to RobSTC for sending me the link.)

I have no idea why the Daily News would get this and not one of the Philly papers, so my gut tells me it's probably baseless. My heart, though, desperately wants it to be true. Nothing would make me happier than clearing out both Eds and not making a foolish trade at the deadline.

Nets game at six tonight. I'll be there, my preview will be up at around 4pm.
by Brian on Jan 31 2010
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