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Andre Iguodala (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)I don't have a lot to say about this game, mostly because I feel sick to my stomach after watching a full 48 minutes of hoops from the Garden and not hearing one "Fire Isiah" chant. Tonight's 89-81 loss was the Sixers' 13th in their last 15 games. They just keep finding ways to lose.

It doesn't help when your starting lineup digs you an immediate double-digit hole to start every game. It doesn't help when you coach inexplicably pulls your hottest offensive player (Lou Williams) right in the middle of your fourth quarter run. It especially doesn't help when you can't hit your free throws. Tonight's loss signifies the low-point of the season for me.

They took care of the ball (only 10 turnovers), defended the three well (see below), you'd think that would be enough to beat this pitiful Knicks team, but no. The Knicks made the plays down the stretch, and Mo's highly-questionable decision to go back to the same starting lineup that let the Knicks jump out to a big lead in the first for the final minutes of the game pretty much sealed their fate.

Thad was less-than impressive tonight, only scoring two points in 15 minutes of action. He missed a couple of point-blank shots and his ball handling left much to be desired. Iguodala was a monster in the first half, but scored only 6 points after the break. Dalembert rebounded from early foul trouble to outplay Eddy Curry, but that's not really saying much.

Here's the breakdown of the Knicks' three-point attempts for the game:
  1. Crawford (Uncontested, Make, 1/1) Iguodala switched on a baseline screen, for some reason Reggie Evans didn't which left Crawford wide open in the corner.
  2. Robinson (Uncontested, Miss, 1/2) Nobody found him in transition, but he missed the shot. Air Ball.
  3. Richardson (Uncontested, Miss, 1/3) Two passes swung the ball across the court to Q for an open look. Andre Miller was very slow in rotating out to him.
  4. Crawford (Contested, Make, 2/4) Miller was in his face and the shot clock was about to expire when he hit this one. Good defense and a bad shot attempt, but he hit it.
  5. Crawford (Contested, Miss, 2/5) A carbon copy of the last attempt, but this time he missed.
  6. Crawford (Contested, Miss, 2/6) Again, the shot clock was running out and this time it was Lou Williams who was in his face for the bad shot. Another miss.
  7. Robinson (Contested, Make, 3/7) Robinson shot this one from about 4 feet behind the line with Lou in his face. A bad shot that went down.
  8. Collins (Contested, Miss, 3/8) Against the shot clock with Iguodala draped all over him. Another bad shot and another miss.
  9. Richardson (Uncontested, Make, 4/9) Miller helps on a David Lee drive that wasn't going anywhere, leaving Richardson wide open. He hits the three. Bad decision on Miller's part.
  10. Crawford (Contested, Miss, 4/10) Crawford springs open at the top of the circle, but Iguodala closes out him quickly and contests the shot, forcing a miss. Good rotation by Iguodala.
  11. Crawford (Uncontested, Make, 5/11) Wide open in transition. He hits it.
  12. Crawford (Uncontested, Miss, 5/12) Wide open in transition. He misses it.
  13. Robinson (Contested, Miss, 5/13) Horrible shot with Williams right in his face. He misses it.
  14. Robinson (Uncontested, Miss, 5/14) Thad was late to rotate out to the "shooter" but he bricked it anyway.
  15. Crawford (Contested, Miss, 5/15) A 30-footer as the shot clock expired with Iguodala right in his face. Missed.
All told, the Sixers did a good job tonight. The Knicks shot 3/7 on their uncontested threes, and 2/8 on the contested attempts. They did a good job overall of rotating to the ball, but that's not really saying much against this Knicks' team. Their half-court offense is pretty much horrible, Zach Randolph was the only consistent threat they had, but they failed to ride him when they got hot.

The story of the game was the complete futility of the Sixers' half-court offense. How can you only score 81 points against one of the worst defenses in the league? Just pitiful.

The Sixers end the night only 1 game ahead of the Knicks. A low point, indeed.

Player of The Game: Iguodala, I guess
Team Record: 16-28

Tomorrow night in Charlotte the Sixers look to bounce back.
by Brian on Jan 25 2008
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